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Feb 21, 2010

Order Management Transaction Type.

In this post I will talk about oracle transaction type UI. Here I will not talk about , How to define transaction Type (TT), If you need more info about how to define transaction type and how to assign workflow , please refer my earlier post on same.

Here I will talk about what all info. we can default in sales order with TT.
In TT UI we have 3 tabs
1. Main
2. Shipping
3. Finance

and we can default fields like

Default Return Line Type

Default Order Line Type
Invoice Source
Non Delivery Invoice Source
Receivables Transaction Type
Price List
Cost of Goods Sold Account
Contract Template

Transaction ttype UI in not just for Defing Transaction type as assiging workflow , here if we definge it carefully we can make Order Entry lot easier and fast by deafulting lot and lot of information).

In Main Tab we can 
1.Set the Customer PO as Required on Booked Sales Order
2.Set Default Return Line Type
3.Set Default Order Line Type
4.Set Defult Price List as well as we can Enforce Price List.
5.Set Credit Check Rule  - For authorization to occur, you must turn on credit check rule in Customer Form/Payment Form. In Transaction Type we can decide at what point we want Credit Check rules fired , like at
  1. Ordering.
  2. Picking /Purchase Release.
  3. Packing.
  4. Shipping.

  In Shippping Tab we can Defulat Shipping information like
  1. Warehouse
  2. Shipping Methods
  3. Scheduling Level
  4. Fulfillment Set
  5. Line Set
In Finance tab , we can Default Infomation like
  1. Invoicing Source
  2. Accounting Type
  3. Accounts etc

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