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Feb 3, 2019

Oracle ERP Cloud Financials Seeded Data Extract

Oracle ERP Cloud Financials Seeded Data Extract 

The Financials Data Extract empowers business enterprises with the capability to extract financials data from the Oracle ERP Cloud to seamlessly integrate with on-premise systems,
legacy systems, or other cloud systems. Oracle ERP cloud provide lots of
Seeded data extracts.

The data extracts are provided in a XML or CSV format for direct automated
integration with other systems.  One very common business scenario in practice is
to leverage the extract capabilities to directly import the data files extracted from
the Oracle ERP Cloud into legacy or third-party partner systems.  In turn, those

legacy or third-party partner systems will perform very specialized niche business
functions based on unique legal or industry requirements such as generating
statutorily prescribed tax return forms for electronic filing with
local country tax authorities.

An outbound extract process can be launched programmatically by using the ERP Integration Service. .Oracle ERP Cloud has many Seeded data extract and can be
Use as it to fulfill data requirements in on-premise or 3rd party solutions.

Customization : User can create a custom report in BI Publisher (BIP) or clone one of
the seeded extracts and customize it based on their requirements.

The framework of Financial Data Extracts further simplifies the invocation of
custom BIP reports through ERP integration services by eliminating the requirement
to create a custom ESS job for each BIP report


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