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Oct 2, 2020

Key Feature and benefits of Oracle ECC ( EBS 12.2.4+)

 Key Feature and benefits of Oracle ECC ( EBS 12.2.4+)

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K E Y - F E A T U R E S

  1. Actionable indicators
  2. Consumer-like search and filters
  3. Instant search results
  4. Search across organizations
  5. Saved search for frequently-used filters Interactive visualizations
  6. Guided navigation
  7. Tag clouds
  8. Charts
  9. Fully integrated with Oracle EBusiness Suite security and page flows
  10. Available for both desktop and mobile devices
  11. Multilingual Support (MLS)
  12. Extensible with Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework

K E Y - B E N E F I T S

  1. Identify and act on top priorities without custom operational reporting
  2. Access from mobile or desktop devices, and with high performance
  3. Experience quick user adoption
  4. Improve data communication with support for a variety of visualizations and charts
  5. Deploy rapidly, with no change to the Oracle E-Business Suite database
  6. Leverage out-of-the-box UI and security integration
  7. Analyze structured and unstructured Oracle E-Business Suite information
  8. Flexibly meet new business requirements through configuration instead of coding
  9. Update dashboard design and visualizations
  10. Expose additional data in the EBS instance on the dashboard

Jul 11, 2020

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse(FAW)

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse(FAW) / OAX

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is a portfolio of complete packaged analytical solutions for Oracle Cloud Applications like

  1. ERP Analytics 
  2. HCM Analytics
Oracle Analytics for Applications enables you to analyze your Oracle Applications Cloud data and generate visualizations and reports.

This service is built on top of Oracle Analytics Cloud and is powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. The service extracts and loads data from your Oracle Applications Cloud into an instance of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. You use Oracle Analytics Cloud to create reports and dashboards for this data.

This SaaS Packaged Application consists of:
  1. Data Pipeline
  2. Data warehouse , 
  3. Semantic Model and
  4. Best Practice content such as Prebuilt KPIs , Dashboards , and Reports 
This Service is 

  1. Fully Managed by Oracle (Deployment,Data Pipeline, Performance Tuning, Upgrade, Maintenance)
  2. Powered by (Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse).
  3. Fully extensible & customizable with OAC/ADW

What comes with an FAW packaged offering
  • Pre-Build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Pre-Built Dashboards and Report 
  • Pre-Build Semantic Model / Subject Area 
  • Pre-Build Data Model 
  • Pre-Build Data Pipeline with Oracle Cloud applications 
  • Pre-Build Security Framework 
  • Included in the license is Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
50+ Pre-Built Financial KPIs using your Oracle Cloud ERP data

25+ Pre-Built Dashboards/Reports or Create Your Own

Customization -  Oracle FAW offer customization at all the 3 layers.

  1. Presentation Layer - Users can customize the out of the box KPI/reports/dashboard and create on their own 
  2. Model Layer  - The semantic model has an extension framework.
  3. Data Layer  - Users can load external data into the ADW or use OAC to mashup with excel files or connect to data sources using the many selfservice connectors Customers can customize at all levels.