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Aug 16, 2016

Oracle Endeca Warehouse Management Information Discovery

Oracle Warehouse Management Information Discovery delivers unprecedented visibility and control to warehouse managers and senior logistics professionals. Whether sitting at a desk or traveling through an airport, access to the warehouse is only a touch away

You can use Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) Information Discovery to search and filter 

  1. Outbound
  2. Inventory and 
  3. labor (productivity) information from the warehouse. 

Using the Warehouse Management Information Discovery pages, you can review and analyze data using 

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), 
  2. Performance evaluation metrics, 
  3. Charts, 
  4. Graphs, and 
  5. Tables. 

In addition to the search and filter capabilities, each WMS page contains action-based analytics where you can diagnose an issue and take specific actions.
In Endeca Warehouse Management data discovery application ,we have following 4 pages
  1. Plan Fulfillment page: The Plan Fulfillment page lets you search for and plan the fulfillment batches and waves.
  2. Track Fulfillment page: The Track Fulfillment page lets you track the fulfillment process and react in real-time to changes impacting outbound activities.
  3. Space Utilization page: The Space Utilization page lets you track the fragmentation in the warehouse and suggest material movement to manage fragmentation.
  4. Labor Utilization page: The Labor Utilization page lets you plan and manage labor in the warehouse.

Meet and exceed revenue targets
Reduce warehousing costs
Improve operational effectiveness
See more and act faster
Mobile access with great performance
Seamless navigation and security
integration with Oracle E-Business Suite


Simple and intuitive user interface
Managerial control
Take actions in E-Business Suite
Key performance metrics
Planning fulfillment
Instant unstructured search
Tracking fulfillment
Search across organizations
Inventory space utilization
Search on flexfields
Labor utilization
Advanced visualization
Enhanced visibility
Guided Navigation®
Manage by exception
Range filters and tag clouds

Charts and histograms

Abstract about key features
Simple and Intuitive to Use – Endeca’s unique user experience provides interactive data exploration and analysis in a clean, easy to navigate user interface, which includes advanced search, contextual navigation, and visual analysis tools.
Configurable and Salable – Helps organizations quickly explore all relevant data.
  1. Combines diverse and changing information from disparate systems. 
  2. Automatically organizes information for exploration and analysis.
  3. Enables rapid assembly of easy-to-use discovery applications.
Manage by Exception – Today’s computer systems make volumes of data readily accessible to all users. What to do with the reams of the data remains a challenge. Endeca alerts help prioritize information and organize it in an easily accessible fashion.
Problem Resolution – Once an issue has been raised, the root cause must be identified. Endeca’s drill down capabilities enable users to research a specific problem and drill down to the actual transactions that drive logistics and act on them in Oracle Warehouse Management.
Enhanced Visibility – Endeca is not limited to the EBS database. Endeca can utilize structured data from other business.

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