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Oct 25, 2018

Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud

Oracle offers exceptional customer data management capabilities on a subscription-based SaaS platform.

Oracle CDM Cloud is a subscription-based service that provides the tools and functionality needed to aggregate data from multiple sources and maintain a more complete, accurate 360ยบ customer view. The results lead to better sales, marketing, and service execution and a better overall customer experience.

It is  a simple, quick and scalable solution that any company can use to consolidate account and contact data originating from multiple sources, standardize addresses, resolve duplicates, and ensure a best-version customer profile that the entire organization can trust. With Oracle CDM Cloud, companies can drive increased revenue, improve operational efficiency and provide uniform customer data throughout the entire customer lifecycle

Oracle CDM Cloud offers the capability to consolidate, cleanse, standardize, enrich, match, link and dedupe data from virtually any source into a master repository of best-version records. When data is clean and consolidated, marketers can run email campaigns using correct information and sales teams can manage accounts more effectively


  1. They can import bulk data from internal or external data sources and can clean and dedupe in advance, enabling Oracle CDM Cloud to be the primary data management platform and source of truth.
  2. Data as a Service (DaaS) is an additional capability offered for CDM Cloud. Oracle DaaS enables more accurate market and territory segmentation by verifying and enriching the existing data, and finding prospects similar to your existing best customers

Key feature of Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud

  1. Record/source registry & crossreferencing (“x-ref”).
  2. Real-time duplicate data prevention.
  3. Dedupe existing records in the system.
  4. Address validation & correction.
  5. Dedicated admin UI to analyze and consolidate account and contact data.

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