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Jun 10, 2010

Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order changes in R12.

In this post I will explain in short about the Change Management that Oracle has introduced for IR and ISO in R12.

  1. IR   - Internal Requisition
  2. ISO -  Internal Sales Order
Oracle in R12 introduced the features where if you made changes in approved IR and it got reflected in ISO and also if you made changes in ISO it got reflected in IR.
But it doesn't mean that we can change any /everything in IR/ISO. Change Management is not available for all the fields.
As of Now Oracle support change to following attribute at OM side
1 Order Quantity
2 Request Date
3 Schedule date
4 Arrival date

It means if you change any of these values in Internal Sales Order (ISO), requester of IR will get a Notification and also quantity and Need by Date in IR will changes.

Similarly if we make changes in following fields in Approved IR
1 Quantity
2 Need by Date
These changes will got reflected in ISO

Apart from this if we cancel the Internal Order line or Internal requisition line, the corresponding line in IR or ISO will also got cancelled.
Also If we cancel ISO , then it will cancel the corresponding IR.

Please Note that for these changes to work in OM we have to disable some of the processing constraints

Like for Internal Sales Order these are 

  • Update Ordered Quantity
  • Update Requested date

Query for these 2 in Processing Constraint UI and then
  1. For Request Date Disable the Processing Constraint (Constraint and not Condition )
  2. For Update Ordered Quantity  Query it and then disable the Condition where Validate Template is "Internal Order"

This is really a very good feature offered by Oracle.


  1. These are Oracle Seeded Processing constraints and it does not let you disable them. How can you disable these processing constraints.

  2. Hi Reader

    Below are my answers. we usually don't disable the processing constraints , unless those are allowed by Oracle and required by our business.Below is additional info for regarding the constraints that we need to disable for IR to ISO change management.

    Query for these 2 Processing Constraint
    * Update Ordered Quantity
    * Update Requested date

    in Constraint UI and then

    1.For Request Date Disable the Processing Constraint (Constraint and not Condition ).
    For constraint System flag is disable.
    2.For Update Ordered Quantity Query it and then disable the Condition(not constraint) where Validate Template is "Internal Order". For condition System flag is disable.

    Hope that help

  3. Superb docs.
    Thank you

  4. how can this kind of change management done in Oracle Is there any patch or something? Please let me know.


  5. I am really not sure if this feature is available for 11i.Need to dig into metalink , will upadate you on this.

  6. Just an Update - New feature for Change Management between IR/ISO offered in R12 will not be available in R11i ( I mean I don't see any update in metalink about these feature availability in R11i).


  7. Hi,
    I'm just looking for a documentation related to notification/approval process for ISO and IR changes.

    Metalink Doc Id:883508.1 (Demo on New Features 12.1.1 in ISO - IR Flow) is not talking any thing about notification process.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. there will not be any workflow Notification.please refer the Note to requester fiels on requisition.

  9. This is a very good article!
    Much Thanks!

    The only other piece that is as good as this article, is a video Demo of the Internal Req to Sales Order process, that i found at:

  10. Hi,

    Can you please show the screen shots to update the Internal requisition quantity.


  11. Hi

    I don't have Screen Shot with me , but this field is in the Line tab.

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