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Feb 14, 2020

Oracle Data Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Server is an on-premises self-service visualization and augmented artificial intelligence (AI) analytics platform. It provides a full range of capabilities including AI that quickly surfaces key insights in your datasets, data enrichment features that automatically recommend new elements for analysis, machine learning (ML) capabilities for both traditional and citizen data scientists, and stunning data visualizations for your dashboards with pixel perfect reporting.

Built on a proven and modern technological foundation, it supports the highest workloads and most complex deployments while providing timely insights to users across an enterprise at a low overall total cost of ownership. Organizations can now modernize their analytics platform by providing easy-to-use interfaces for all users who need to access curated data, self-serve by importing or blending
data, perform analysis, or distribute
reports securely via mobile, tablet,
and all modern browsers.

Customers that chose this self-managed on-premises or private cloud deployment can manage upgrades on their schedule and implement customization options such as custom skins/styles, metadata, messaging, and more. Oracle Analytics Server is an effortless upgrade option for existing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition customers.

  1. Self-service data visualization capabilities.
  2. Augmented analytics with Explain .
  3. Machine Learning in Data Flows.
  4. Data Enrichment capabilities.Natural Language Query.
  5. Powerful geospatial mapping and visualization.
  6. Pixel perfect enterprise reporting.
  7. Common Enterprise Information Model
  1. Faster time to insights with Explain, an AI engine that uses machine learning to render correlations, distributions, and segmentations in your data.
  2. Drive innovation; explore and discover new insights by combining structured and unstructured data 
  3. Make insights accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere with mobile Business Analytics

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