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May 24, 2020

Oracle Assets Enterprise Command Center for EBS (ECC)

The Oracle Assets Command Center (ECC) helps asset personnel discover information across all relevant Asset processes in the enterprise and make that data available for analysis and search.
Operational efficiency and insight is greatly enhanced through key metrics, drillable graphs, and tag clouds enabling asset personnel to quickly identify problem areas and outstanding items that require intervention. Decision making is improved through immediately actionable information and streamlined end to end processing of exceptions and bottlenecks. Asset personnel can efficiently navigate to the underlying application to take corrective action as necessary.

The Oracle Assets Command Center feature is available at no additional cost to licensed users of Oracle Financials. It can be applied to Release 12.2.4 and above.

Oracle Assets Command Center enables asset personnel to quick identify and obtain insight across six available dashboards as outlined below.

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Asset Reconciliation Dashboard
The Asset Reconciliation dashboard highlights discrepancies to be resolved between subledger accounting balances for Oracle Assets and Oracle General Ledger balances for asset cost accounts.

Asset Cost Dashboard
The Asset Cost dashboard offers superior navigation and discovery capabilities into all financial transactions affecting asset values, such as asset utilization and potential asset misclassifications. Graphs enable drill-down to data, which is dynamically updated as you narrow your search, enabling you to take action to correctly categorize assets and analyze root causes of inaccuracies.

Asset Aging Dashboard
The Asset Aging dashboard offers insight into remaining life of your assets with easy overview of asset cost, accumulated depreciation and net book value. You can easily assess if an asset needs to be repaired, replaced or retired, and use the actionable link to retire an asset in Oracle Assets thus optimizing asset utilization

Asset Location Dashboard
The Asset Location dashboard tracks fixed assets by location and asset category but also unassigned assets. This enables you to explore assignments and to detect discrepancies and provide actionable links to execute asset transfers and assignments in Oracle Assets in order to resolve missing assignments or misallocated resources.

Mass Transactions Dashboard
The Mass Transactions dashboard offers insight into pending transactions such as mass additions, mass reclassifications, mass revaluations and mass transfers. It provides actionable links to Oracle Assets for you to ensure all pending transactions are processed in time in order to close asset books with confidence in the asset data

Additions Pipeline Dashboard
The Additions Pipeline dashboard enables you to get an early assessment of any transactions in Oracle Payables and Oracle Projects, which are tracked as assets but not yet transferred to Oracle Assets, to help you forecast the significance to your asset base of upcoming asset capitalization.

Additional features

Export Functionality
You can export results table data to a csv file (across all dashboards).

Descriptive Flexfield 
Display of Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) attributes in ECC dashboards dynamically, which allow search and filter by DFF attributes.

For any additional details on ECC or ECC Implementation feel free to reach us as

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