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May 24, 2020

Oracle Payables Command Center (ECC)

Oracle Payables Command Center empowers accounts payable personnel to maximize productivity on a variety of end to end business processes by providing powerful search and sophisticated guided navigation capabilities.

Operational efficiency and insight is greatly enhanced through key metrics, drillable graphs, and tag clouds enabling you to quickly identify problem areas and outstanding items that require intervention along with effective navigation to the underlying application to take corrective action as necessary.

The Oracle Payables Command Center feature is available at no additional cost to licensed users of Oracle Financials. It can be applied to Release 12.2.4 and above.

Oracle Payables Command Center enables accounts payable personnel to quickly identify and obtain insight through 4 dashboards as outlined below.

Supplier Balance Dashboard
The Supplier Balance dashboard gives an overview across suppliers and organizations of supplier open balances and aging of past due invoices. Accounts payable personnel can not only manage working capital effectively, but also get quick updates and perform corrective actions by reviewing 7 days invoice history.

Holds Dashboard
The Holds dashboard includes invoice aging, invoices on hold, top hold reasons and discounts available for invoices on hold. Accounts payable personnel are able to resolve the invoice holds quickly and efficiently through seamless integration with Oracle Payables Invoice Workbench.

Discounts Opportunity Dashboard
The Discounts Opportunity dashboard displays information such as available discounts in the next 7 days and graphs on weekly discount opportunities by date. These graphs can be drilled into quickly to identify invoices that need to be paid to realize these discounts and manage working capital effectively.

Period Close Dashboard
The Period Close dashboard provides real-time visibility into the accounting process in helping you identify any potential bottlenecks early in the closing cycle by focusing on the unprocessed accounting events, accounting errors, and untransferred 
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journals to General Ledger. The dashboard helps the accounts receivable manager to reduce period close time, accelerate delivery of financial results to internal management, and identify improvements 
to be made over the next period.

Additional features
Grouping of Attributes in Attribute Groups
Attribute groups are logical groupings of attributes for display purpose. Grouping helps productive navigation through details within each of the dashboards in the Oracle Assets Command Center. Attribute groups improve the search capabilities by enabling you to refine and narrow your search on data by attributes arranged into logical groups such as invoice, supplier, date, and amount.

Export Functionality
You can export results table data to a csv file (across all dashboards).

Descriptive Flexfield
Display of Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) attributes in ECC dashboards, which allow search and filter by DFF attributes,

For any additional details on ECC or ECC Implementation feel free to reach us as

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