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Mar 17, 2024

Connecting SuccessFactors to Oracle Fusion HCM via OIC

Integrating SuccessFactors, an SAP product, with Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management)  can offer a seamless and efficient solution for organizations looking to optimize their human resources processes. 

Our use case : One of our customer is leveraging SuccessFactors for managing its human resources, including employee data, performance evaluations, and talent management processes. However, the company has recently adopted Oracle Fusion HCM for its comprehensive suite of human capital management solutions. To ensure seamless data synchronization between the two platforms and avoid manual data entry, the company has decided to integrate SuccessFactors with Oracle Fusion HCM using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). 


The company receives regular updates from SuccessFactors in the form of .csv files containing employee data, and other relevant information. These .csv files need to be automatically ingested into Oracle Fusion HCM to ensure that employee records are up-to-date across both systems.

Process Flow

Implementation Steps

Trigger Event:

SuccessFactors generates a .csv file containing updated employee data, performance evaluations, and move the file to SFTP Server .

File Ingestion:

An OIC scheduled job triggered every 6 hour to monitor a specific folder ( on SFTP Server) where the .csv files from SuccessFactors are deposited and read all the .csv files available in folder .

Data Transformation and Mapping:

Upon detecting the .csv file, OIC extracts the data and performs necessary transformations/mappings/lookups  to ensure compatibility with Oracle Fusion HCM data structures.

Data mapping rules are applied to map fields from the .csv file to corresponding fields in Oracle Fusion HCM ( we have many options available HDL/Adapter /REST apis) , for our implementations we relied on REST APIs for all the validations and Create/Update operations.

Data Validation and Enrichment:

OIC validates the incoming data for accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Any missing or erroneous data is flagged for resolution

Integration with Oracle Fusion HCM:

The transformed and validated data is securely transmitted to Oracle Fusion HCM using OIC's /HCM REST apis. Oracle Fusion HCM receives the data  and execute following scenarios

  1. Once file received from SF and process by OIC , load data into a temp Table and move file to Archive folder 
  2. If Employee not exist in HCM then Create Employee
  3. If employee exists in HCM then Update the employee for 
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Work relation ship
    4. Assignment
    5. Assignment DFF
  4. If employee exists in HCM and Process flag is Termination then Terminate the employee
  5. If employee exists in HCM with status Terminated and Data process flag in the file is Rehire , then Rehire the employee
  6. If employee not exists in HCN and process flag = rehire then 
    1. Create Employee
    2. Terminate Employee 
    3. Rehire Employee
  7. Mark the record in TEMP table as Processed or Error.

Error Handling and Logging:

OIC includes robust error handling mechanisms to identify and handle integration errors, such as data format discrepancies or connectivity issues. Apart from that we have added email notification as well as logged errors in custom DB table ( form OIC).

Detailed logging and monitoring capabilities allow administrators to track the status of integration jobs, troubleshoot issues, and ensure smooth operation of the integration process.


Automated Data Synchronization: Eliminates manual data entry and ensures real-time synchronization of employee data between SuccessFactors and Oracle Fusion HCM.

Improved Data Accuracy: Reduces the risk of data errors and inconsistencies by automating data validation and enrichment processes.

Scalability: OIC's flexible and scalable architecture accommodates future growth and evolving integration needs as the company expands its workforce or adopts additional HR systems.

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