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Jun 24, 2009

Key Features of Interface Trip Stop Process (ITS) in Order Management

In Oracle Order Management, Interface Trip Stop (ITS) will be trigger at the time of Shipping if check box “Defer Interface” is not check.
ITS can also be executed from concurrent request.

ITS has to main components.
Update the Order Management Data (oe_order_lines_all) .
Trigger the Inventory Interface (to Update the Inventory tables).

Inventory Interface will be trigger only if the first part, that means related to OM has successfully completed and flag OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘Y’ on WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS.If value of this flag is N/P then Inventory Interface will never be triggered. And even if you try to submit the Inventory Interface from SRS, delivery detail with oe_interfaced_flag =’N’ will never be picked up.

ITS update the following fields on oe_order_lines_all table

Above is just simple input about basic process for ITS , apart from it other feature of OTS are
1.Line spliting .
2.Progress the Order line to FULFILL Deferr Status (depend on your workflow).

Please Note that if you are sharing trip/delivery across the Orders then ITS will progress all the orders that belongs to Trip/Delilvery.

For Common errors that occure during ITS , refere my blogs


you can leave your comments , if you have question.


  1. Very detailed explanation. Thank you for sharing this information. It was helpful for me when i was preparing for my interview.


  2. Hi,

    i wanted to know how to perform following process.
    I have one sales order whose lines status in shipping transaction is shipped and next step is Run Interface.
    When i am running the interface the program is generating warning and the shipping status remain same as of previous. No change,

    Than i checked the table and found out that OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘N'.

    So how to proceed in this case.

    Do needful

  3. With OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘N' and no Changes in Order line workflow or quantity that means ITS is not executed successfully. Look into the Log file of ITS concurrent Program and see if there is any error that results in ITS completed with warning.

  4. Hi,

    There is any error table for interface trip stop.because same problem i am facing. OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘N' after completion the program.

    Please do needful.


  5. Hey Vishal

    No we don't have any Error table for ITS , all the errors can be captured in the Log file if required ( by enabling the debug level = 5).

  6. This is not related to question ask by Vishal , but thought of adding it .

    All the Exception that we can see in the Shipping transaction form are stored in wsh_exceptions database table.

    To see an open exception we can execute
    SELECT distinct exception_name
    FROM wsh_exceptions
    WHERE status <> 'CLOSED'