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Jun 10, 2018

EBS to Zuora Rev-Pro Integration

This is short overview about how to Integrate Oracle EBS with Zuora Rev-Pro Revenue engine.

Scope of this integration is limit to extraction of 
  1. Booking and 
  2. Billing data 
from Oracle EBS and load into Zuora/Rev-Pro revenue stage table. Once in stage table Zuora standard process will pick the data for further processing.

As explained in below process flow 
  1. Create adapters to extract/transform booking and billing data from EBS and load into Pre-Staging table. We can write our own adapters or leverage the adapters provided by Zuora
  2. One in Pre-Staging table, design and develop Validation Rule engine to validate data in Pre-Stage table as per user organization requirements.
  3. Design and develop report to show the outcome of Validation process.
  4. User Interface (This is option steps) , create a User Interface for user/business to 
    1. Review data in pre-stage and if required Correct errors ( in Pre-Stage)  manually.
    2. Trigger Re-validation from UI
  5. Develop a process to Transfer valid data from Pre-Staging table to Stage table.

Note –
  1. Though data collection process is similar for majority of customer, but data validation rule engine designed and developed based on customer specific requirements.
  2. Any Manual data correction will be recorded in AUDIT tables.


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