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Jun 2, 2010

Under and Over Shipment with Tolerance and Line Split

In this Post I will explain how Tolerance work in R11i Oracle Order management with respect to Under Shipment and Over Shipment .

In the 11i Release, If we have define the Tolerance and performs Over/Under, system will not Retain the Unstaged quantity, rather it will cancel the remaining Unstaged quantity (as long as Over/Under tolerance fulfilled). This is little hard to explain in words, so let me explain that with 2 simple examples, One for Under Shipment and one for Over Shipment.

Note – In R12 , Oracle Shipping has offered solution to “Retain Unstaged Quantity during Over shipment or Under shipment”, will discuss that in my next post.

Under Shipment

1.If you have Order quantity = 10 and Over /Under Tolerance is say 20%.
2.Book the Sales Order.
3.Query the Order in Shipping transaction Form .
4.Manual Split the Delivery details with Qty 9 and 1
5.Pick Release and Ship Confirm the Delivery Details with qty 9.
6.After ITS execution, System will cancel the Delivery details with Qty = 1 and Close the Order line with Order Qty = 10, Ship Qty = 9 (because criteria for Under Tolerance 20% met) and there will be no line Split as other delivery detail got cancelled.

Over Shipment

1.If you have Order quantity = 100 and Over /Under Tolerance is say 20%.
2.Book the Sales Order.
3.Query the Order in shipping transaction Form.
4.Manual Split the Delivery details with Qty 90 and 10.
5.Pick Release Order with parameter
a.Auto Allocate = Yes
b.Auto Pick Confirm = Yes and
c.Auto Create Delivery = No (because I want manual transact move order).
6.Go to Move Transact Order, Select the line with qty = 90, and press view/Update button and change Qty from 90 to 105, Press Transact Button
7.Delivery details with quantity 90 will be Staged with quantity 105and delivery details with qty = 10 will be now in cancel.
8.Run Ship Confirm and ITS.
9.System will close the line with Order Qty = 100 and Shipped Qty =105(Over Tolerance= 20%) but there will be no line Split as other delivery detail got cancelled.

Hope that helps


  1. Hi eoracleapps,

    i came across an order line which header/line status in order organizer is closed already. But upon checking on the shipping transaction window , it was on a Shipped status. Other items in the SO, were on Interfaced status. It was expected to be on an Interfaced Status and not on Shipped Status Only.

    Trying to ship confirm the delivery, despite it also having a closed status, the Ship Confirm button remains click-able. However, upon trying to ship confirm the same, it simply resulted to an error... Error: This action cannot be performed on all selected records.

    Is there a way to make the order line to proceed to interface process.



  2. If line is alreday closed ( I am assuning workflow is already closed), but in shipping if deliery details are in Status = C(Shipped) , then one good option is check if oe_interfeced_flag in delivery details is Y or N.
    If it is Y , then run Inventory Interface, and everything should work fine , but if oe_interfaced_flag = N , then you need to ask Oracle for Data fix. Please refere my other posts on Interface Trip Stop (ITS) , in case you want to fix at your own.

  3. Hello eoracleapps,

    We have verified that the oe_interface_flag is 'Y'. Likewise, performed inventory interface but the requests ended on a completed warning. Furthermore, there was no progress for the lines which are on Shipped Status.


  4. Hi!
    if oe_interfaced_flag = Y ,check what is the value for inv_interfaced_flag value
    let me know what what is the workflow status ( what is the last activity in workflow and what is it's status).
    shipped/shipping/fulfilled/invoiced qty is populated on Order line.

  5. Hi eoracleapps,

    We have a big shipment again for SO 2353345,this SO carton box qty is more than 200,meeting which the numerator of carton can not more than 155, than we only can package some different units into one pallet in order to reduce carton Qty.How we can solve this issue

    Plz Help .

  6. Hi! Pankaj

    Can you provide me some additional details about your Requirement .
    As per my understanding from your message, Order Qty = 200 , UOM = BOX but you can ship only in Multiple of 155(Order UOM) ( let me know if that is your requirement).
    If my above assumption is correct - your requirement , I say can fulfilled by means of conversion. As you know we can have Different Order and Ship UOM

    Few more questions I have
    1.Can you sell in decimals
    2.if Ship Qty in Multiple of 155 then why you are Creating Order Qty = 200

  7. Hi eoracleapps,

    Thanks for your Response but the issue is SO is 5140423.33

    Per this SO has been shipped out, so They only reprint one.

    The QTY highlight in red can not pass over 150 or some more.

    If we print label more than this QTY in one time, the excess will be missing. We need to print others again.

  8. Hi eoracleapps,

    we meet a big shipment nearly 1000,but when we do ship confirm to print out below label,the carton QTY highlight in red seems can not pass over 200 or some more.

    Then we must to print out this label again.

  9. My Question is ,Do i need to overpick to overship ? In the warehouse ,Without overpicking is not possible to overship ...since you are shipping what is staged and what is staged is what is picked .So overpicking is mandatory for overshipping atleast from physical standpoint .However in the system if i have autopick (Auto pick confirm yes ,autocreate delivery yes ,auto allocate -Yes ) .System would never over allocate and overpicking is not possible incase of Autopick ....rgt?

  10. yes , you are absolutely right.

    you cannot ship confirm a greater quantity than the quantity that you picked, regardless of the overship tolerance.

  11. hi eoracleapps,

    i have one issue in period closing one record stuck in transaction open interface related to internal seles order, for this ISO requested quantity 5 and shipped quantity 12 reserved qty at staging 5 only now detail line status is shipped next run interface so we need to clear this record from MTI, i have suggested to client do mic. receipt and return from then mis.issue but client don't want to do mis. receipt how can i over come this issue i think we don't have option to do back order as it is shipped status and delivary closed status.

    please let me know any other solutions.

    thanks in advance,

  12. Thanks for the all details..... here you can check the freight forwarders list and details