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Dec 8, 2009

Step by Step details about how to Create RMA in Oracle Order Management

In this blog I will expkain how to create RMA in Oracle Order Management , I am taking the case of creation of Return Sales Order with Receipt and Credit Memo.

1.Create New Sales Order with Order Type = "Return Only . ( we can take Mixed or any other that allow return line)

2.Since Header Order Type is "Return Only", based on the transaction Type Setup ,  System will default Line Type .In transaction type set the Default RMA = "Return (Receipt)" , with this Setup system will populate the Line Type = "Return (Receipt)"  , enter other details like
Item #
Qty etc.

3.Go to Return tab ( Lines) and Enter Return Reason (There is LOV for Return Reason select any relevent value from LOV ).
4.Book the RMA.

5.Requery the RMA , check the Line Status , It should be "Awaiting Return".

6.Select Receipt (Purchasing Responsibility)

7.Goto Customer Tab and Enter the RMA Num .

8.Press Find Button.

9.Ignore the receipt Header , and go to Receipts form

10.Select the line

11.Press Save,System will ask for the Sub Inventory.Best bet is enter "Stores" ( Here I am taking the case Routing = Direct Delivery)

12.Press Save Button. Save action will automatically submit the "Receiving Transaction Processor (RTP) concurrent Program.

13.Check Order line status , it should be "Returned".

14.Go to View > request . Submit Concurrent Program "Workflow background Process"
              with Item Type = OM Order Line
              Process Deferred = Yes
              Process Timeout = No.

Query Order line again , Staus Sould be "Closed"

15.Step # 14 also submit "Autoinvoice" concurrent Program.
16.Goto Transaction (Receivable Reposnsibility)

            Go to Find Window
             Enter Sales Order # in Sales Order Number Field
             Press Find
System should dispaly your Invoice (Credit memo)

Examine the Invoice and you are good to go.


  1. Thanks very helpful

  2. thanks..very helpful,concise and easy to understand

  3. I have a RMA which is having CLOSED status with order date 25 May 2005, & Credit Memo date 12 Aug 2005

    Credit Check Failure Hold is applied in this RMA on 16 Jan 2009 - How will i release this hold?
    as this RMA is apperaing in 'Hold Source Activity' Report.

    Please Help

  4. With RMA is Closed and Credit Memo is created , Credit Hold has no significance .Only Solution at this moment is back end update to update the Hold flag and make this hold as RELEASE ( I guess you need to mark the Release flag = Y , I am not sure about the exact column name).But as we all know Oracle don't recommend any direct DML on based table , so best option we have is just open an SR and ask oracle for data fix .

    One Question ...why we have Credit Check hold on an RMA?


  5. Thank you for providing step by step process, it is really helpful.

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