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Jun 10, 2010

Item Reservation and OM: Reservation Time Fence

This is short post on Reservation/Scheduling
Scheduling has a profile option “OM: Reservation Time Fence”. and it is related to reservation.

If OM: Reservation Time Fence is set to a number greater than zero, then the reservation is created for the item as soon as the order is scheduled, if the schedule date is within the reservation time fence window. The time fence is the system date plus the number of days specified in the profile. For example, if the profile is set to 30 days, then as long as the Schedule Ship Date for the order is within the system date plus 30 days, then reservation is created.

Just now one of the user reported that they have an ATO-Item on Sales Order line and they have sufficient stock for this item, also “OM: Reservation Time Fence “ is set to value of 20.
On booking their expectation is system should reserve the quantity and work flow “Line flow generic” , should progress as below

Create Supply Line (Sub Process)  >
          Branch On Source Type >
               Ato Item >
                  Create Supply Order - Line, Manual(Sub Process )  >
                      Check Reservation

and expectations are from workflow activity “Check reservation” it should take path “Reserved” and progress to END activity of Create Supply Order - Line, Manual ( Sub process) , but workflow is taking path “Complete” and going to activity Check Supply Creation /Create Supply Order Eligible  etc.

Initially I was not able to figure it out and that it is a bug, but latter I realized that. Schedule Ship data is 10-SEP-2009, Creation_date is 09-JUN-2010 and Reservation Time Fence = 20 days.

So that means if SSD falls any time between today’s date and 29-JUN-2010 system will Reserved the line at the time of scheduling, but as SSD is on 10-SEP-2010 so system was not reserving the Order line this taking the path to create the work order or Purchase requisition for the ATO –Item even though we have stock.


  1. thanks for the great information, keep it up

  2. how could the schedule ship date be in 2009 when your order was created in 2010 ?

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