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Jun 11, 2010

Item Reservation and Scheduling Level (No reservation)

This is in continuation with my last post Regarding system is not able to perform Reserve action for the order lines, even when below profile options  set properly
OM: Reservation Time Fence  - xdays
BOM:Automatic reservations  - YES
Item Reservation and Reservation Fence

In my earlier post I have explained how we were able to resolve the issue of "System not Reserving the qty on Order lines" by setting the proper value for "OM: Reservation Time Fence"

Now user again came back that even after setting the proper value for the Profile option "OM: Reservation Time Fence" they are not able to Reserve the qty for order line , but this time user has issue with 2 types of Order /line type. Everything was working for for all the Order types , but that the 2 specific Order Types.

After playing around for few minutes I realized that even this time too it was Setup issue. At the Transaction type for Order as well as Order Lines user have set
Scheduling Level - No Reservations ( For these 2 order types , hence having problem).
(Set Up > Transaction Type > Shipping Tab)

After Setting Scheduling Level = Allow all scheduling actions, user was able to Reserve the quantity.

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