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Mar 20, 2011

RMA with out Credit Memo

This is a Short Post about How to Create a RMA againt a Sales Order and at the time don't create any Credit Memo. This post is an answer to question posted in Processing Constraint Post.

Requirement -
User has created/Booked and Shipped the Sales Order , but line is not yet invoiced and now customer want to cancel the Order Line.At this point in the process if user want to cancel the line then Standard Processing constraint will not allow user to cancel the Order line as line is already shipped

Solution -
  1. Create an RMA
  2. Refer RMA line to Sales Order line that you want to cancel.( we can even add RMA line to Original Order too ( If Permitted)).
  3. Assign the return workflow to RMA line.Please note that Oracle Offer following RMA workflows.
  • RMA line with Receipt and Credit Memo
  • RMA line with Credit an No receipt.
  • RMA line with Recipt and No Credit Memo.
Since Original is not yet invoiced , options 3 is good candidate here .I am not sure if this workflow is available in 11i, but it is for sure available in R12i via patch.In case you don't have RMA flow with No CMemo ( and you don't want to apply the patch) , you can do it by yourself by customizing the Standard RMA workflow (RMA flow with Receipt and Credit) as shown below
  • Copy the Standard RMA flow.
  • Rename it and
  • Just remove the Invoicing activity .
  • Verify the flow and save in database.
  • I have enclosed the screen shots for above 3 steps. 

All the Slides are accessible by double clicking the below slide
RMA with no CM


  1. I would like to thank you for the solution.I have one more question, in the reference at RMA order, there will be a link shown that this RMA is linked to the sales order number at reference?if yes, how I will extract a report to see all RMA linked with the original Sales order?

  2. Pls refer
    from oe_order_lines_all in your report

    Hope this helps.

  3. ok.Thx
    Our business is giving WiMax Internet with SU-O equipment, sometimes the equipment is defected and we need to replaced.

    I want to know how we can return the defective device and replaced with a new once to a customer.

  4. Try my post

    Here you can replace Create Repair line with Your New line. Please Note that "Create repair Line " activity is Calling OE_ORDER_PUB to create New line.

    Above is just One option , but there are many other ways to fulfill your requirement.

  5. Hi.
    maybe I was not clear.we issue a Wimax equipment with XXX serial number, after awhile, the equipment is defected, and the customer not pay any thing, and we need to return the eqipment with XXX SR# to the defective store and issue for him a new equipment with YYY SR#.

    I did an RMA and I used the Actions> Return Lot ans serial numbers, but I can see I can enter any SR# even if the SR# not on my stores, and when I want to process the RMA, the SR# at RMA is not recognized and I can only recieve the SR# exist in store.

  6. yes , this is Known issue where when you try to dp RMA , ACTION > Return Lot Serial , system will show you all the serial # for that Item.

    If I am not wrong Oracle has already maed a fix, you need to contact Support to get the patch.

    In case you are not ready to apply the patch , then only option is , select the correct Serial # from the List Of Serial #s.

    Hope that Helps

  7. thx,
    1- what is the source of the serial# LOV, i have at X Org 120 qty on hand, but at the LOV i found 45 only.
    2- if I select the correct serial # from LOV, how this will be linked during the recieving, to return the serial# to store.
    3- if I issue a serial # XXX and the order is shipped(SO Line status), and after 1 day I found that the correct serial# is YYY, what is the solution to issue the correct serial #?

  8. For #1 I will get back to you .

    For #2 When you do RMA , we have Serial /Lot Button on RMA screen , Press that to enter Serial # info.

    For #3 - Again Solution in Return Serial #YYY and then Create a New Order Line for Serial #XXX.

    I guess you guys are using Serial # extensively , so my suggestion is Contact Oracle support and get the patch . As I said earlier this is already fixed.

  9. tgx.
    for #2, I knw the that button, I want to link the serial# at RMA order at the recieving screen at this time the serial# at RMA is just for information.

  10. that is actually not possible as far as my knowledge.Your's is simple example , but let's takes a complex case-
    you ship Qty 2 for an item with 3 serial numbers Serial # AA
    Serial # AB
    Serial # AC
    and now customer want to return Qty =1 , and in such case ,user need to add the Serial# manually other wise how to system know how to Return what Serial #.

  11. Exploring LOV is time consuming process , at this moment I will not be able to spent that much time there .So my suggestions are advise someone in your team to open the FORM and check for LOV. Once you have that Info do share with me too.

  12. check oe_lot_serial_numbers table it stores all the Serial # for Items on Orders.

    Hope that help

  13. I will try to let some one open the form and update you.

  14. Hi..

    I have any issue on the Default Costing group in the Organization paramters, since it is disabled and we cant change it.we have in Material 1131110 as account, we need to change it to 2111120, so all Inventory_Asset items will take this account in coming Purchased Orders(PO).

    so how we change the material account?

  15. I guess that is not possible ( at least with Standard functionality).In case you found solution do share.