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Sep 12, 2011

Overview of Override ATP in Oracle Order Management

Overview of Override ATP

Overriding ATP makes demand visible to planning. It allows an authorized user to schedule a line even if no supply is available. This functionality is designed for exceptions, not normal scheduling. Any user who overrides ATP takes the responsibility to find supply manually.
The Override ATP value remains on the line until the authorized user decides to un-override or unschedule the line.

Some reasons for using Override ATP include:
The user may know it is possible to bring supply in early.In that case, the authorized user might want to take the responsibility for providinga schedule date. 

There could be reason to schedule the order even if there is no supply.

The business might want to take the order from a very high-priority customer, even if it means rescheduling items for customers who are deemed less critical. It is a manual process to take supply from one customer to give to another.

Authorized users can override ATP Schedule Date from the Sales Orders window by setting the Override ATP check box on the sales order line and providing a Schedule Date. Optionally, users can send manual notifications (Actions / Notifications) after overriding ATP. For example, notifying another responsibility or user of the need to find additional supply. 
You can notify any responsibility, i.e. Advanced Supply Chain Planner, Demand Planner, Manufacturing or Distribution Manager.

This functionality does not apply to Service, Drop Ship, or Return lines. Copy Orders will not copy the Override ATP flag.

APS will calculate the delivery lead time for overridden lines. If there is no warehouse on the overridden line, APS will use the first warehouse in the sourcing rules. The Override ATP flag is supported by Standard Order Import, not High Volume Order Processing (HVOP).


  1. Good post. One point here based on my experience, override ATP allows the order line to be scheduled in past as well. Hence it is the responsibility of the order entry user to schedule the order line correctly and wisely. Bug 9846165 is logged with Oracle to prevent this from happening.

  2. yeap you are correct. I just tested a tested case and we are able to set SSD in past with override ATP = Yes.
    Will post the video about the scenario that you have very well explained in your comments .


  3. hi very nice article
    please provide video and how to set up process constrains


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  5. How SAD will calculate in case of override