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May 2, 2023

Configure the HCM Extract Bulk Data in an OIC Integration

Configure the HCM Extract Bulk Data Option in an OIC Integration

In this post I will explain how we can configure HCM cloud OIC adapter to Download HCM bulk data files from Universal Content Management ( UCM)  to SFTP folder, we can use the extract bulk data option in an orchestrated integration. This section provides a high-level design of an integration using this feature.

  1. We must schedule and create the HCM data extract in Oracle HCM Cloud ( this is pre-requisite)
  2. It (HCM extract) must be configured with a delivery option of type WebCenter Content
  3. When configuring this delivery option, the Integration Name field must be populated with a unique value that is later specified in the What is the Integration Name for HCM Extracts field of the Operations page when configuring the Oracle HCM Cloud  Adapter , and this be any value , but we need to refer this  Integration Name when calling HCM adapter from OIC

To configure an extract bulk data integration:
  1. Create a scheduled, orchestrated integration pattern.
  2. Add a schedule parameter to store the processed Document ID and initialize it with a value of 0. An HCM extract is associated with a Document ID. Once the extract is processed by the integration, the ID is stored in the schedule parameter. This value is required as input by the data extract operation in the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter.
  3. Drag the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter to the invoke section of the integration canvas and configure the extract bulk data operation.
  4. Configure the mapper for the data extract operation and map the schedule parameter with the lastProcessedDocumentID field.
  5. Drag a SFTP adapter in the integration canvas. This invokes the SFTP Action wizard.
    1. On the Operation page enter details like 
      1. Operation  - Write the file
      2. Transfer Mode - ASCII
      3. output directory 
      4. File Name Pattern
      5. Select No for Schema for File 
Mapping between HCM extract adapter and SFTP adapter 

Based on how HCM extract is configured  , HCM extract will return you a .txt file/.csv file or excel file
in case your HCM extract us created excel file and youare not ok with excel file , you can change the extension of file to .csv

Steps to Run End to end Hob
  1. Run HCM extract 
  2. Run OIC job
Run HCM extract 
Login to Oracle SaaS HCM cloud
Navigate to My Client Group 
        >> Data Exchange
            >> Submit Extract 
                >> Enter Required Parameter and Submit the Extract 
                    > > Wait till extract process completed

Run OIC Job
Login to OIC and Run your Schedule Integration , once integration completed sucessfully , you can see .csv file in SFTP folder 
Similarly if you have requirement to load data in a Custom table , Add additional database adapter components in your integration , read file data from SFTP folder and load in table ( I mostly preferred DW/ATP) 

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