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Sep 10, 2011

ATP Data Collections in Oracle Order Management .

ATP Data Collections

To check availability for items, you must specify the data sources that will be used for supply and demand ATP calculations. Oracle Order Management utilizes Oracle APS data collection routines to segregate and store data used in availability checking. Oracle APS data collection routines offer the flexibility to determine various entities to collect and the scheduling of collections by application instance.

For more information on data entities that can be collected and collection scheduling strategies, please refer to Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Global ATP Server User's Guide, Collection Strategy and Collection Setup Steps.

To perform ATP data collections:
1. Navigate to the Data Collection window. (ATP Data Collection submission window).
2. Enter your input parameters, and click Submit.

Note: ATP collections are a submitted via a request set.(Concurrent Program Request Set)  Please ensure you enter parameters for both programs prior to clicking

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