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Feb 21, 2010

Workflow Assignment Query

In this post I will post a query that shows what type of workflow process associated with the order line.

SELECT wf_assign.process_name ,
FROM oe_workflow_assignments wf_assign,
oe_order_headers_all header,
oe_order_lines_all line
WHERE line.line_id = oola.line_id
AND Nvl(wf_assign.item_type_code, 'OEOL') = 'OEOL'
AND header.header_id = line.header_id
AND header.order_type_id = wf_assign.order_type_id
AND line.line_type_id = wf_assign.line_type_id
AND wf_assign.line_type_id IS NOT NULL
AND SYSDATE >= wf_assign.start_date_active
AND SYSDATE <= nvl(wf_assign.end_date_active, SYSDATE)

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