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Jun 11, 2009

Tips for OM


When we execute the Interface trip stop in Order management , it updates data in oe_order_lines_all table (shipping_quantity , shipped_quantity and actual_shipment_date) and the update the oe_interfaced_flag to 'Y' to indicate that OM part has been complete sucessfully and then proceed with Inventory Interface.

Can we Create Sales Order in 1 UOM and shipped goods in Another UOM

How Bill Only Flow is different from Ship Only flow in Oracle Order Management Workflow.
In Bill Only work flow we have Invoicing activity , but no shipping activity , where as in Ship only workflow is other way around.

Is it ok to Cancel the Backorder deliveries in Oracle OM.
As long as your business process support , it is ok to cancel the baclorder deliveries .But there is no Standard UI to do so .

For a Drop shiporder why some time Sales order create "Internal requisition" rather than "External requisition".

Internal or External requisition are created are based on the Requisition "Source Type".If Source type is "Vendor " then system will create "External Requisition", but if it is "Inventory" then it will create "Internal requisition".

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