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Feb 21, 2010

Query to Check if Closed line stuck with MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE

In this post I post query that shows the query to reterive all the order lines that are CLOSED , but the reservation is not yet RELEASED.(data stuck in mtl_transactions_interface)

SELECT count(*)
FROM oe_order_lines_all l
WHERE l.line_category_code = 'ORDER'
AND NVL(l.shipped_interface_flag,'N') = 'N'
AND l.flow_status_code = 'CLOSED'
AND l.open_flag = 'N'
AND NVL(l.invoice_interface_status_code, 'N') = 'YES'
SELECT 'MTI records'
FROM mtl_transactions_interface
WHERE source_code = 'ORDER ENTRY'
AND trx_source_line_id = l.line_id

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