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Feb 20, 2010

Sales Order Creation Order Management

In this blog I will discuss in brief about what info a user need to create sales order in order management.

Oracle has provides three ui to enter sales order info ,and these are
Order Organizer
Quick Sales order UI
Pricing and Availability

You can use any of these 3 based on your need of requirement

Order has dividend Order Entry into many sections.
Order Headers
Order Lines

In order header we capture info like
Customer details
Sales rep details
Pricing list info
Order Type
Payment method
Shipping info
Payment type etc

Order lines we capture info like
Line type
Warehouse and subinventory(if reqd)
Line worklow type
Tax information
Fulfillment or ship set
Reference (for RMA).

Here we can define
Manual Modifier or
Automatic Modifier fired automatically

If we have Model , we can configure it in the configurator . Based on your setup cofigurator can be a java bases client or a fmb bases form.

Apart from that we define

Oracle UI are very friendly and once user are familar with that he/ she can easily create sales order.
But i have seen a new trend in the industry , more and more and more customer desiging UI in Oracle ADF or making order entry as a web services.Refer my blog on creating web service for OE_ORDER_API

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