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Feb 26, 2010

Receipt Details suddenly Disappear from Receipt UI

This  Post is about Oracle Apps Purchasing / /Inventory Module

One of my user complaints that she is not able to see the Oracle Drop Ship Receipt in the Receipt UI.Accoriding to him data was there few minutes back , but then suddenly gone.
During my Ananlysis , I found that because of the Receipt date tolerance issue user was not able to create the receipt for a Drop Ship Item.To make it work she navigates to the Oracle Purchasing and then from Purchae Order  > Lines > Shipment >Receiving controls , she modify Receipt Date
Days Early
Days Late

that all . After doing all that ,when she came back to receiving UI, she was not able to see infomation about the line that he want to receipt.
Well Soluttion is Simple - when ever you modify something like that for a Oracle Purchase Order line you need to reapprove the PO, and that waht has hapened. After user modified Receipt Controls PO was in Reapproval Requires Status, she Approve the PO and was able to see the line in the receiving UI

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