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Feb 25, 2010

How to Create Supplier List and RFQ

This Post is about How to create Supplier List and RFQ in Oracle Purchasing.

In the post I will explain about the Supplier List and how to use Supplier List and Price breaks while creating a RFQ.

Navigate to Supplier List
Supplier Base > Supplier List

 Purchasing Responsibility  -Navigate to RFQ UI

Navigation > RFQ.
Enter details for the RFQ

Operating Unit
RFQ Type
Due Date
Reply Via
Close Date
UOM etc

Press the Price Breaks to Enter the Breaks. You need to do that for each Item. Please note that in RFQ Type , I have selected the Catalog RFQ. ( this Post is based on Catalog RFQ)

There are 2 types of RFQ
  • Catalog
  • Bid

Catalog – Its supports Price Breaks. These can be copy to a Blanket Purchase Agreement.

Bid - Its supports Shipments. These can be copy to a Standard Purchase Order

From the RFQ UI , Press the Supplier button and Select the Supplier List that we have created  

Once you select the Supplier list , system will add all the supplier to supplier List.

Your RFQ is now Ready , you can Print your RFQ.

Once an RFQ is printed, its status changes from Active to Printed. Now suppose you have made some changes after , To Print it again, you need to set status to Active. Also in Supplier UI, you need to check "Include in next Printing" for the supplier that you want to Reprint

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