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Feb 26, 2010

Workflow RETRY ACTIVITIES in Error.

This Post is about Oracle Apps Workflow (Order Management)

Issue - order lines stuck at BOOKED/Awaiting Shipping/Production Open/Supply eligible for Standard item/ATO item/ATO Model .

Solution - in all the above cases check data in wsh_delivery_details table,if the delivery details are in SHIPPED status and ITS has not executed and
shipping Qty
Shipped Qty
Actual shipment date 
not populated in Oracle oe_order_lines_all table , and workflow for order line is in Error status ,theme go to order line in order UI and select line and press right click and select "retry activities in error" from pop up menu, system will show the activities thar are in error,if there are multiple activities that are in error the. Select the activity that you want to retry (from LOV) , and with that Oracle system will retry the activity and progress the work flow to next Activity(we don't need any y data-fixs script here).
Please not that there is possibilty that "retry activity in error" might fails ,because their is valid reason for failure.ij such cases there is need to further investigate why it fails
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