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Sep 6, 2011

Table level Data flow for Order to Cash Flow (Oracle Apps)

In this blog I have highlight some of the KEY tables involved in Order to Cash table. There are lot of database table involves in this flow , but I have highlighted the key table and link between these tables.It help you while desiging the reports &queries. These tables are
WSH_TRIP_STOPS                                   WSH_TRIPS
OE_SETS                                                     OE_LINE_SETS                     
PO_LINES_ALL                                         MTL_RESERVATIONS
Data Flow Diagram

In case you need sql Queries , please feel free to contact me.


  1. Good Work! Can you provide me queries?

  2. Good Work!
    Can you provide me queries?

  3. Hi Rajeev

    Everything is very much there is the diagram. I listef all the columns that you can use for the JOIN condition. you just need to select the columns you want to print.
    Sample query with few tables is

    select l.* from oe_order_lines_all l ,
    oe_order_headers_all h ,
    wsh_delivery_details wdd ,
    wsh_new_deliveries wnd,
    wsh_delivery_assignments wda,
    wsh_delivery_legs wl
    where l.header_id = h.header_id
    and l.line_id = wdd.source_line_id
    and wdd.delivery_detail_id = wda.delivery_detail_id
    and wda.delivery_id = wnd.delivery_id
    and wl.delivery_id = wnd.delivery_id

    1. Thanks a Lot For sharing this flow chart ... it is very helpfull ...

  4. You can also add the table OE_PRICE_ADJUSTMENTS as well- for the modifiers which get applied to the Order or Order Line

  5. good work
    can u send queries.

  6. search for "Query" in the search bar , and you will get some queries , if not all .

    In case you need some specific query , do let me know ( not sure I will provide , but will for sure try to write)

  7. Good work , it really save me lot of time..

  8. Good helps a lot..

  9. One image cleared all my doubts....

    Hey can you post mapping images for all OMr12 tables

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