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Sep 9, 2011

Actions performed when a line is scheduled

Schedule Actions
Found some interesting information in Oracle Order management user guide  about actions  performed by Order Management when a line is scheduled.
Following actions are performed when a line is scheduled:
• Sourcing rules are applied to the order line to assign a ship-from location if the line does not already have one.

• The schedule ship date is calculated. Oracle Advanced Planing and Scheduling Global Order Promising schedules orders. Global Order Promising uses the transit lead time between the shipping warehouse and the receiving party. For an internal order, the receiving party is an internal warehouse.

• If you specify transit lead time between a shipping warehouse and a region or zone in Oracle Shipping Execution, Global Order Promising uses region level transit lead time instead of the shipping  warehouse/receiving party transit lead time.

• Supply is consumed for the item on the order line.

• If the reservation time fence is set and the schedule ship date is within the reservation time fence, the system reserves the line. For non-smc models, you can schedule the imported items without schedule the top models. However for smc models, included item can only be scheduled when its parent item is scheduled.

The following sales order line attributes are populated when scheduled:
• Schedule Ship Date
• Ship From Location
• Delivery Lead Time, if the shipping network is set up
• Shipping Method, if the shipping network is set up
• Schedule Arrival Date

Note: If you specify a delivery lead time on the sales order line, the value is ignored and not included when scheduling the order line. If the shipping network is not set up, Oracle Planning Products will return a delivery lead time of zero. The schedule arrival date and the schedule ship date will be the same. The delivery lead time will be zero and the shipping method will not be populated. Schedule Arrival Date = Schedule Ship Date + Delivery Lead Time

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