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Aug 31, 2011

Export Compliance Flow in Oracle Order Management.

This is a short post about Export Compliance Functionality available in Oracle Order Management via Oracle Order Line workflow.

As shown in the above workflow, export compliance process executed as soon as we book our sales Order.
Export Compliance Workflow Sub process Name - Export Compliance Screening - Line

First Activity in the export Compliance sub process is  “Export Compliance Screening” , it get the data from the Order Management and Validate it .If Validation fails then it make the workflow outcome as INCOMPLETE and progress to activity “Export Compilance Screening –Eligible “ and hence required manual Intervention at the same time it also mark the status of order line to Export Screening Data Error.

On the Other Hand If validation outcome is successful then it mark the workflow outcome as NOTIFIED and workflow remain at the “Export Compliance Screening” but Order line status become “Awaiting Export Screening” , at the same time this activity populate the table WSH_ITM_REQUEST_CONTROL (Pls note data in this table will be process by ITM adapter).

Once the ITM adapter process the data it mark the process flag is this table to 1 and execute the Order Management API (ONT_ITM_PKG.WSH_ITM_ONT) and based on the response from ITM (Override/Error/Success) Order management API progress to workflow to Next activity “Update Screening Result”. But if no response received from the ITM adapter then workflow remain at “Export Compliance Screening” or “Export Compilance Screening –Eligible" activity.

In this “Update screening Result(OE_EXPORT_COMPLIANCE_WF.UPDATE_SCREENING_RESULTS)” activity,  system validates the response received from ITM adapter, if validation fails, workflow outcome mark as “Incomplete” and workflow progress to activity “Update Screening Results – Eligible” and Order line status marked as “Export Screening Data Error “, on the other hand if validation outcome is success, workflow progress to End activity and finally to next sub process and Order line status marked as “Export Screening Completed”

Hope that helps


  1. do u know ITM adaptor connects to which export complaince tool ? If we have our own export compliance tool ? can we integreate thru the ITM adaptor?

  2. Any answer to my question ? As per the trade complaince laws ,The export compliance needs to be checked at the ship confirmation too and not only at the order entry ,I guess this is not supported in oracle ....need to explore

  3. I am not sure if you can use your ITM adaptor , My take is , their could be some mechanism to do so, I myself never explore that.

  4. Just an update

    As per OM user guide
    An interface to the Oracle ITM Adapter for integration with third party (ITM)
    software applications. The Oracle ITM Adapter enables you to process (screen)
    orders by way of XML transactions with third party ITM software vendors to
    manage your Export Compliance Screening process.

  5. Yes Oracle Support Export Compliance during Shipping at following level

    1.Delivery Creation
    2.Ship Confirm
    3.Delivery Creation and Ship Confirm

    Let me know if you need more help

  6. Hi

    For some sales orders Export Compliance Hold is not applying...

  7. When you say Export compliance hold is not applying , is that mean Order work flow goes past the Export Compliance Sub-process or stuck their.
    You need to look into order data and see if Customer/Items etc satisfying your Export compliance rules

  8. My order is booked & line status is Awaiting Export Compliance.
    Now what are the next step/Navigation to complete the cycle

  9. The effectiveness of the Compliance Management System relies on the commitment and the support of all like management and employees. Compliance management process could be tough if you use manual system.