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Nov 17, 2010

Attribute Management in Oracle Advance Pricing

Oracle Advance Pricing offer one very powerful feature of Attribute Management.In this blog Post I will talk about how to setup a Custom qualifier with attribute management for a Modifier or Price List.

In this example we will setup a custom qualifier "Customer Relationship Type".
Following are the steps.
Step1: Select the Qualifier Context that we want to setup (e.g Order , Customer, MODLIST etc).
Step2: Define the New Custom qualifier under the Qualifier context.
Step3: Setup Attribute Linking and Mapping.
Step4: Create and Compile the Custom PL/SQL package.

To setup a custom qualifier , go to Attribute Linking and Mapping from the Navigation
(Navgation >> Setup>>Attribute Management>> Attribute Linking and Mapping).
Select Pricing Transaction Entity = > Order Fulfillment and from LOV of Context Type Select
Context =>Qualifier Context and Code =>QUALIFIER.
It will display all the data for the Pricing Transaction Entity and Context Type combination.

Since this is related to Customer, select Context Code = Customer and Press Context Button.
System will display all the existing Customer Context values.Define a new custom context (XXCTREL , Description - "Customer Relationship Type") by

1. Code
2. Name
3. Description Precedence
4. Application Name
5. Column Mapped
6. Value set

Press the Button Link Attribute and Setup the Attribute Mapping for new custom Context (XXCTREL) by defining

1. Level
2. Attribute Mapping Method
3. Column Mapped
4. etc....

Press the Button Attribute Mapping and
Select the request Type (ONT - as we are doing setup for Order Management).

Enter the value for Header Level and Line Level.
In out example we are setting the Custom Qualifier "Customer Relationship Type" at the Order level , so populate the following details

Global Object Name - OE_ORDER_PUB.G_GDR
User Source Type - PL/SQL API
User String Value - XXYY_CUST.RETSHIP_TYPE(OE_ORDER_PUB.G_HDR.header_id)

Create a PL/SQL package (with Sql Developer , Toad, JDeveloper etc )that take Order Header ID as input Parameter and return the customer relationship type (Captured in the One of DFF of Order Header).

Package Name - XXYY_CUST
Function Name - RETSHIP_TYPE

Now go back Qualifier Setup or Qualifier Setup at Modifier/Price List. Newly Created Custom Pricing Attribute will appear in LOV for attribute, Select the custom qualifier "Customer Relationship Type" and continue with business requirement.

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