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Nov 17, 2010

Price Book a new R12 Advance Pricing Feature.

Price Book is another new feature offered in R12 Advance pricing Module of Oracle Application, it allows customer to generate and publish lists of products with their related prices.
These prices are generated for a full or delta price book. Multiple publishing options are available.  This powerful tool will help provide greater insight to help, manage and maintain overall pricing strategy.

Price Book is a new Pricing report that displays item list and net prices (for a specific customer) based on a specific pricing date.
Within the price book, you can view details of the
    1.List price,
    4.Price breaks, and
    5.Freight and special charges.
The Price book accepts various inputs for the price calculation.  These inputs include
    1.Pricing effective date.
    2.Pricing attributes.

It also taken into consideration
    1.Pricing Perspective (request type – ONT/ASO etc),
    4.Customer (account) number,
    5.Operating unit,
    6.Pricing effective date,
    7.Quantity, product(s) etc

You can create two types of price books. 
A full price book contains all items and associated prices as of a specific pricing effective date. 
The Delta Price Book is generated as of a new pricing effective date, and displays any deltas in items or prices with respect to the Full price book of the same name, for the same customer and with all other input criteria remaining the same. 
Multiple publishing options are available after the price book is generated , and these are e-mail, print, XML message, View Document and via API.

Price Book Request:
A price book can be requested via the
1.Price book HTML UI,
2.XML Message, or
3.Price Book API. 
Then the user specifies the criteria for generation (such as pricing calculation criteria like quantity, items, currency) because behind the scenes, a pricing engine call is made to search across all your pricing setups to generate the price book.
Once a price book is generated we have lot of output options like view/print/email as shown below.
Advanced Pricing provides the following public APIs for the price book feature:
1.Create Price Book API and
2.Get Price Book API.
Third Party applications integrated with Advanced Pricing can call these APIs to generate or retrieve a price book.


Below is how we can use Price Book Functionality

Advantages –
    1.Increase Insight
    2.Help in monitoring the price changes for a ct. from time to time.

Set Up –
    1.Set the Profiles/parameters/Printer/XML Publisher /Gateway

Please refer user guides for Setup

For More details, or if you want to Integrate your custom application with Advance pricing and want to use Price Book API feel free to contact me

For additional reference ,please refer documentations at


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