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Nov 17, 2010

Purge Order Management Workflow R12 New Feature

In this post I will just talk briefly about the new concurrent Program “Purge Order Management Workflow” offered in R12 of Oracle application Order Management Suite.

As all of us know , by default Order Header workflow will not close till all the lines are closed , but even if all the order lines are closed Order Header will open till the month end ( seeded behavior) unless there is some customization , but in last 10 years I notice that most of customer are ok with the seeded workflow.

But the problem with this is unless Order Header close, order line workflow is not eligible to close even lines are close. lets take an example .
Suppose you have 1000 order in system with each as 10 lines and let’s says all lines are close. In such case we have 10000 lines whose workflow is not required any more but system will not able to purge them. Now imagine how much data workflow data piled up if you have customer whose  input is 300,000 lines every day.

Since we don’t need workflow for close lines, this NEW concurrent program introduced in R12 will
  • Purge workflow for Close order lines even if Order header is Open.(in other words I mean purge the workflow for close child workflow without waiting for Parent workflow to close).
  • It will also purge the OM Error workflow if it is associated with the Order lines/header that are no longer in Error.
  • It will also purge the Stuck Order header workflow.
Since Purging will delete data from system , It will improve performance.

Parameters for this CP are
  1. Item Type.
  2. Item key.
  3. Days After Closure - # of days that need to elapse after closure before wflow purge.
  4. Attempt to Close   - (Y/N ), Default(N)  -Need to specify if the OM Error or Header Flow need to close.
  5. Commit Frequency – default 500.
In case you have any additional question feel free to reach me at

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