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Nov 17, 2010

Continous Price Breaks in R12 Advance Pricing.

In this post I will discuss about the “Continuous Price Brake introduced in Oracle R12 Advance Pricing”.
In R12 Oracle has introduced new feature “Continuous Price Break” to support the continuous price breaks.
Now in R12 Price Breaks will be evaluates as >(Greater Than) FromValue and <=(Less than or Equal) to ToValue.
This will support MORE accurate calculation and will effective on Price Breaks for
1.    Price List
2.    Modifiers
3.    Agreements.

Let’s take an example of exists Price Break and New Enhancements.

In existing Functionality we have our Range start with 1 and then there is gap between the TO and existing and FROM of Next range. Like 1-100 and then 101-300

But now in R12 Price breaks start with 0 and there will be no Gap between TO of the Previous Range and FROM of Next Range, like 0-100 and 100-300.
0-100 will be evaluate as (> than 0 and <= to 100).Also note that the last TO value for last will be Null that means any thing > 300 will be of price $850.00.
With this new feature 0 will be defaulted for the first Price Break “FROM” value and also the value from the previous “TO” will be defaulted to Next “From”, thus there will be no gaps between the price break lines.
Please not that any Pre-release 12 price list will not be affected by new feature.Any Price Break that user will create from UI in R12 will be continuous Price Break.

Copy Price List/Modifiers –
We can also create new Price Break lines by means of Copy a Price List/Modifier etc , now in R12 if we perform any such action via copy and if original price Break is non-continuous then the new price break will be created as continuous price break.

Advantages -
This feature will improve the usability of setting up price break by allowing 0 to default for the first break range and the Value To from the previous break line to the subsequent break line’s Value From.  You can easily define “Greater than ‘Value’” by leaving the Value To of the last break range blank instead of entering 99….

In past I have worked very closely with iBizsoftinc to design complex customization in Advance Pricing (with context to iStore) . In case you guys are looking for some iStore /Advance Pricing customization feel free to conatct me .

That's for now.

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