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Nov 18, 2010

Receiving option "Validate Serial Numbers on RMA Receipts" for Serial Control Items in Oracle Applications

This is short Post about Significance of the Receiving Option "Validate Serial Numbers on RMA  Receipts" for Serial Control Items  In Oracle Applications ( Receiving Module)

Today while exploring some receiving Stuff I learn something New about Receiving option "Validate Serial Numbers on RMA  Receipts".This is a check box control
I have observed that I we have this value UNCHECKED  then If we Create an RMA (Linked to a Sales Order) , then while doing Receiving against the RMA , in the Receiving Transaction Form , List of Values on field
1.Start Serial Number
2.End Serial Number
should display only the Serial no. that we have shipped on the referenced?liked  Sales Order Number , but to my surprise , displays all the Serial Numbers of the Item that got Shipped on different outgoing sales Order line for a particular warehouse ( in which you are doing transaction).

But if you set the value for this Receiving Option as CHECKED , then while doing the Receiving against an RMA then it will show you only serial numbers that got shipped on the Linked/referenced Sales Orders for that RMA.

Good learning for me , may be for you too.

1 comment:

  1. great find. Now thats check box and a host of requirement is addressed. We had this requirement for sometime and customer was wild as to why he sees all serial #