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May 31, 2013

Sales Order Proces flow for Items with Trade-in Discounts

This is presentation about how to handle the Items with Trade-in discounts .
In Oracle Application there is no Standard -Seeded flow to handle Trade-in flow,,to handle Trade-in process  customer need to implement/build custom solution.
This post is high-level overview of how such kind of flow can be designed and develoop , for build level view of these flow please feel free to leave your comments and we will get back to you.

Component Involves in this type of process process are
#1. Outbound Line Flow- to handle Item that buyer want to buy.
#2. Inbound Line flow (in Oracle OM this is usually a RMA flow)- to handle the item that buyer want to trade-in
#3. Inbound (RMA) Cancellation process - This is a mechanism that will check if buyer has send the trade-in item to seller with in agreed duration or not , if not then this process will cancel the Inboound line , and create a New Invoice only outbound line with amount = trade-in discount
#4.Invoice only Line Flow - As explained in step #3, if buyer don't send the trade-in item with in agreed period , then this process will create a new outbound invoice line with amount = Trade-in discount
<<< Video in the post in not very clear , please refer the complete process flow in the attached Picture file >>

Trade -in Example from Best Buy

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