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May 29, 2013

AME in Approval Workflow for Work Orders (eAM)

In R12i a new Workflow process has introduced in EAM for a work order and its life cycle , apart from that approval process has been introduced in this workflow for work orders .To enable the workflow for EAM we need to check the EAM parameter : Enable Workflow for Work Orders.
To generate the approval lists these workflow has also been integrated with Oracle Approval Engine (AME) .Integration with AME enables companies to set up an approval process for work orders, with preset( already existing for HR/Quoting etc)  approval hierarchy and flows.Please note that Approval Management (AME) is used in EAM for the following processes

  •  Work Order Release Approval
  •  Work Order Completion
  • Work Permit Approval 
   and following three seeded AME Transaction Types used for EAM  in R12i
  •     EAM Work Order Release Approval
  •    EAM Permit Release Approval
  •    EAM Work Order Completion

Each of the above come with Seeded Workflows and transaction types – hence the only things a user needs to do is to define the approval rules based on 
  • Attributes
  • Conditions
  • Action Type
  • Groups
Note - Work Request Approval does not use AME.  


  1. Very interesting! I will indeed share this with my healthcare management team. They are always looking for more innovative Healthcare Workflow systems that will increase efficiency and reduce costs. Thanks!

  2. let me know if you need any additional information

  3. In eAM, one work order release approval goes to two persons at the same time, is it possible in Ame. How to do it? Pls reply. Thank you.