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May 3, 2012

Oracle iStore - Access to existing Individual account, a R12i feature - 1

In R12i Oracle has added a new feature  Access to existing Individual account. With this new feature  existing customer who usually placed the Order through the CSR  can now create Online account by Navigating to link Access to existing Individual account.
Once existing customer navigate to this link , system will prompt user to enter 
  1. Existing Account #  .
  2. Phone #
  3. Zip Code
  • Enter preferred UserName ( that customer want to use for online a/c)
  • Password.
Once customer provides all above details , iStore will Validate the customer's credentials , and create Online account.
Once online account got created user can just place the order online , he/she need not to wait on CSR to create their Orders.

For what are the advantages of   Access to existing Individual account, please refer the Post

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