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Jul 10, 2011

Graphs in BI/XML Publisher

This is a very short demo about how to design graphs in BI/XML publisher Report. To build BI/XML publisher reports we should have a at least sample XML document, but in case your XML feed in not yet ready we can build a dummy XML document manually or  use XSQL to build XML document , If found latter very easy , so will take later approach to build XML document.
Since focus here is how to build graphs in BI/XML publisher, I will not talk about how to integrate this with the Oracle Applications, for that you can refer my in depth posts on same subject

BI Publisher/XML Publisher reports for Oracle Apps

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In this Demo I will demonstrate
1. How to Generate an XML document from XSQL.
2. How to Upload XML data in Microsoft word.
3. How to create graphs.

Demo -

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