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Jul 7, 2011

Item Orderability Rule in R12

In this blog in will explain in brief about the New feature Item Orderability offered by Oracle Order management in R12.1.

Item Orderability - This is new feature introduced in Oracle R12.1.1.This is rule that user can define to restrict the items that can be ordered from the Sales Order form.

Because of the complex business scenario in the Modern time organization want to control which customer are allowed to order which product.

Now Order management Provide a new UI in R12.1.1 to define the rule to restrict the Item order, this UI is name as Item Orderability Rules.It allow user to Order the Item to customer based on the Rules.
As of Now Oracle has provided rules to control only the 11 attributes - like you can ally the restriction based on
Customer class
Order types,
Customer category etc.

Below is Simple Flow
1.Define the Rules
2.Order the Item through UI/Order Import/Process Order API.
Below is Simple test case for Item Orderability feature.
Define the Item Orderability -
  1. Define the Rules by selecting any of 11 attributes
  2. Define the Criteria – Item or Category.
  3. Define the Rule.

For Example – I want to define the Rule that Item AS54888 should not be Ordered for an Order with Item Type = Mixed.

For that I selected the

  1. Criteria = Item
  2. Rule level = Order Type
  3. Rule Value = Mixed.

Please make sure that Enabled Flag = Yes for your Rule.

Once Rule is defined ,Entered Sales Order .
  1. Customer ID = 1006
  2. Order Type = Mixed
  3. Item = AS54888

Try to save Order , System will Throw Error , because of the Item Order ability Rule as shown below.

 For more details feel free to post comments or write me.