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Jul 9, 2008

How to Customized Oracle OM Worflow

In last so many years I have analyzed that Consultant sometime customized the Oracle Standard API in order to fulfill the customer specific requirements.Oracle keep advising not to do all this.
In this blog I will talk about how we can avoid this and what all options available to us.
Oracle Order Management flow is very much deriven by workflow, so in case there is any customer specific requirement , it is good to add a new activity /process in the existing process rather than modifying the standard APIs.

Consultant should keep in mind that when they plan to add activity/process in the workflow , they should not alter the existing workflow , rather they should copy the existing branch of the workflow and customize the copied flow.If we have some trouble with the customization , we can easily revert back to Original Flow.

Following are the steps to customized the OM line workflow.
  1. Copy the Original Order Line workflow in Workflow builder.
  2. Customized the work flow , Verify it and save it in database.
  3. Define the New Order type in the OM transaction type for the Order Header and then assign the new customized order line workflow to header.
  4. Define and assign the document no. for the Newly created Order Type.
  5. Create New Order with New Order type, System will automatically select the newly created workflow for order line. ( Same is case for Order Header Type workflow too.)

Other Important thing that consultant should keep in mind that "there should not be any commit/rollback in any of the package /procedure that is called from the workflow, unless it is in AUTONOMOUS Transaction.

Tip - If customer has Deferred activity in the the workflow, then this deferred activity will wait for the Workflow Background Engine to progress it further. Consultant/Customer should make sure that Workflow Background Engine Concurrent Program should be scheduled at the appropriate frequency.

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