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Mar 5, 2009

How to Skip Scheduling in Oracle Order Management Flow

In this post I will explain how to skip Scheduling.

Many a time we has requirement to skip the scheduling process, e.g. for repair orders etc and for that I have noticed that people thought of modifying the workflow by  removing the Scheduling sub process . BUT there is no need to do any such thing as we can achieve same result by doing one simple setup at the transaction type level .

Navigation path

Navigator > Order management responsibility > Setup > transaction type >
Define >

In the transaction type form we have Scheduling Level and  LOV associated with it has values like

  1. Inactive Demand without Reservation.
  2. Inactive Demand with Reservation Etc.

Whenever user has requirement to skip the scheduling they can select any of the above values.
Option #1 will neither do scheduling nor reservation and Option #2 will not do any scheduling but it still do reservation

Also please make sure that  Profile Option  OM: AutoSchedule set to NO and
check box Auto Schedule is not checked in transaction type forms

Hope that help

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