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Apr 19, 2023

OIC Integration to Create Journals in Oracle GL Cloud from Concur Expense Invoices

Concur is a popular travel and expense management system that helps organizations streamline their expense reporting and reimbursement processes. Oracle General Ledger Cloud, on the other hand, is a robust financial management solution that provides features for managing financial data, generating

financial reports, and more. Integrating Concur with Oracle General Ledger Cloud can help organizations automate their financial processes and improve visibility into their financial data. In this blog, we will discuss how to integrate Concur with Oracle General Ledger Cloud.

Setting up the integration

The first step in integrating Concur with Oracle General Ledger Cloud is to set up the integration. This can be done using Oracle Integration Cloud, which provides pre-built connectors for many popular systems, including Concur , but for our integration we will let concur system to generate the file and load in SFTP Server . To set up the integration, you will need to create a new integration project in Oracle Integration Cloud .This will be a File based Integration and we will leverage FBDI based adapter

Mapping data between systems

Once you have set up the integration Project and connections are created for 

  1. SFTP
  2. Oracle Fusion 
We  need to map data between Concur and Oracle General Ledger Cloud along with many others steps. Mapping between Concur Files and FBDI  can be done using Oracle Integration Cloud's mapping editor, which allows you to drag and drop fields from one system to another. For example, you may want to map expense data from Concur to the corresponding accounts in Oracle General Ledger Cloud. You can also set up filters and transformations to ensure that data is properly formatted for each system.

As explained in below high level process , various Steps involved in these integrations are 

  • Concur 
    • will generate the file for expense invoice and load in SFTP server.
  • OIC 
    • will read data files from SFTP 
    • Loop through the Concur Invoice files , Read one file at a time and for each concur file
      • Create a data file for GL Interface in the FBDI  Layout format
      • Create a Properties file ( required for GL Journal Import submission)
    • Create a zip file ( and zip both the GL Interface and JobProperties file)
    • Triggered the FBDI Adapter 
    • FBDI adapter load the files in UCM server
    • Trigger Journal Import ESS job
    • Send the Error or successful file
    • Also , once ESS job for Journal Import completed  , it will raise a trigger to indicate job is completed
    • It is good practice to let OIC listen to Job completion event , catch the event and update the concur that file is processed ,
High Level Process flow


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