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Oct 4, 2009

Steps to create Sales Order for ATO Config. Model Item.

In this blog I will explain in details, steps required to create the Order for a ATO config Model.(to make things easy I have included screen shot)
It Includes
Model/Class/Included Item Creation (Inventory).
BOM Creation (Bill of Material).
Order Creation (Order Management).
Process WIP Job (Work in Progress)

I will explain with the viewlets how to Create
1. ATO Model.
2. ATO Model Class
3. Included items
4. Sales Order
5. Progress WorkOrder in WIP.

Create all the Model/Class and included items in the Master Organization and then Assign to Inventory Organization where you want to do transactions.In my example Master Organization is V1 and transaction Organization is M1.
Create Item

Assign item to transaction org from Master.


Create Model Class

Create Included Item ( In my case they are Finished Goods)

Create Misc. transaction to create the stock for the Finished good.

Once Items and Stock has defined. Create Bill of Material (BOM) for the Model in the Master Organization and then Change Organization to Transaction Organization (in my case M1) and Copy Bill of material from Master Org (V1).

Define Bill of Material

Create the Sales Order.

  1. Enter the Model line.
  2. Configure as per requirement.
  3. Book the Order
  4. Progress Model line (It will Insert the Configure Item in OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL) table.
  5. Progress the configure order line, it will push the data from OM to WIP by submitting the Concurrent program.
  6. Open the output of the Concurrent program and note down the WIP Job ID.
  7. Login to WIP and then go to “Discrete Jobs” and query for Job ID.
  8. Complete the job ID.
  9. Progress the OM Order, Ship & Invoice.
  10. Finally close the Order line.
Create Sales Order

Config. The Model Line.

Book Order

Progress Model line.


Process the WIP

Complete the Order


  1. awesome...good stuff...

    Madhu Mantri

  2. hi eoracleapps,

    your blog on ATO was great

    can you illustrate similar procedure on how to create a sales order for KIT configured item?

    Does KIT needs to have setups and processing steps in WIP?



  3. Thankyou very much for this post....Its very clear and easy to understand

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I have one small question, no matter the profile 'OM: Included Item Freeze Method' is entry or booking, the included item for ATO model won't auto-explored in sales order. Why the included item not explored automatically as PTO/KIT.

  5. In ATO model we have classes and options , option let use to configure the model by selecting the options from available options.Since it required selection of the options that is reason it wouldn't self exploded.

    try to create an ATO model without options ( by making everything Mandatory), and see if that works.

    1. Hi eoracleapps.

      Please, tell me: How this sales order was inserted in ar_interface. Just one line? The invoice was generated with no errors? In my tests, I created one ATO sales order and the AR interface line and the amount value is different to (unit_selling_price * quantity) and show error message: "The supplied amount must match unit selling price times the quantity when you do not use an AutoInvoice Clearing account".

      Based in your example: After fix problem with AR setups, the invoice was generated with sales amount $45,00 (by order line 1.1) but the total sales order value was $46,55.

      Please, You know how I fix this issue?

  6. Nice blog about the steps required to create the Order for a ATO config Model. The concepts have been well explained and a neatly written blog. Keep sharing more!