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Oct 2, 2009

How to Manage Insert /Update data in Oracle Form based in database View

How to Manage Insert /Update in Oracle Form based in database View.
In this blog I will explain in few words what all has required to Insert/Update data in Oracle Form based on View.Though in the world of Fusion /ADF /JSP pages creating a Oracle Form is not relevant , but I have noticed there are some customer who still interested in creating a Oracle Form.

To Create a Oracle Form based in View.

Step#1 – Create Data block based on the view.
Step#2 – Create On-Update /On –Insert Trigger to update/insert data of base tables (on which view has constructed). In case you are not interested in writing Form based triggers you can write database In-Stead of trigger on View.
Step#3 – Create ON – Lock Trigger on View based block and Enter following code in that
Step #4 – There is no Step #4 – You are ready to go.

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