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Apr 18, 2023

Create OIC flow to update Oracle SaaS WO Header and DFF Attributes

Recently we have requirement where user have asked to Update the WO ( Headers and DFF) and since numbers of fields that they would like to update were couple , she was not ok to upload FBDI file as that gonna be very time consuming , and doing this manually was not feasible as ever day volumne was high.

As a Quick Solution , we build a custom solution for then to update these values on WO with REST apis ( invoked from OIC).

High level Process flow

Solution : 

  1. User will Create the WO Changes file in .csv format and capture the WO and the values that she would like to update.
    1. Fields in File
      1. WO Number
      2. ColumnX
      3. ColumnY
      4. ColumnZ etc
  2. SFTP files to a secure location 
  3. OIC will pick the file and first thing OIC will execute is send Copy of file to whole team Indicated who has submitted this file and what all changes asked for .
  4. OIC will read the file and load data into Custom table , and mark STATUS of all the records in custom table as NOT PROCESSED.
  5. Call WO SaaS APIs to Update the WO Headers
  6. Call WO DFF API to update the WO DFF values
  7. If WO updated successfully the update the custom table status for the WO as "P" , processed , bt in case there is an Error then make the STATUS as "E" , also captured the error message raised by API.
  8. Once all the Records processed , generate a Report and send it to Requester.
API Used for this Purpose : 

To Update WO Header
Operation : PATCH
API : /fscmRestApi/resources/{processWorkOrdersUniqID}

To Update WO DFF
API : /fscmRestApi/resources/{processWorkOrdersUniqID}/child/ProcessWorkOrderDFF/{WorkOrderId}

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