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Apr 16, 2023

Oracle HCM to Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) Integration

In this blog I will go over high level OIC process flow for Oracle HCM to Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) Integration ( Designed and develop by Oracle and captured in seeded oracle recipe)

At High level : If there is any change in status of employee ( Technician) then those changes need to be reflected in OFS too.

We can track any changes for 

  1. New Employee creation 
  2. Existing employee Updates
  3. Existing employee Termination by subscribing to Oracle HCM ATOM feed for employees from Oracle Integration Cloud
  4. If Employee is marked as terminated in Oracle HCM , then we just need to call OFS and Inactivate the Resource and delete the user from OFS
  5. If employee is New Hire or if there is any change in employee attributes ( change of location, transfer to new department etc).
  6. Get all the required data elements related to employee and Map it with OFS cloud properties.
  7. Mapping between HCM Organization /Department and OFS Resource Tree ( Buckets) is very critical ( to make sure we have right resources created at right level)
  8. Create /Update Resources in OFS and assign resource required working locations.
  9. Create/Update users in OFS .

High Level Process Flow

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