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Apr 17, 2023

How to Create and use Lookup in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

A Lookup in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a reusable table that maps the different terms used to describe the same item across your applications. To Create a lookup in OIC

A lookup associates values used by one application for a specific field to the values used by other applications for the same field. This provides the capability to map values across vocabularies or systems. For example, you can map country codes, city codes, currency codes, and so on.

Steps to Create Lookup

  • In the navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Lookups. Click Create.
  • Enter a name and optional description for the lookup..
  • Once in Lookup UI , system will cerate lookup with 2 domains , Replace Domain name with your adapter. For example in my Test case I am creating lookup between my Source System and target system where  Time zone in source system is referred as Zone in Target system and to handle that I will rename Domain Name1 to Src System and Domain Name2 to Target System

  • In case you want to define mapping between more than 2 system , just click the + sign on the Right side.
  • Once lookup created , start adding valu
  • Save your work.
  • Open the integration/Mapping where you would like to use this lookup 
  • Clock on Toggle function and select the lookup.

  • Drag and Drop the Lookup function on your field where you would like to create Lookup ( in my case it is LineTypeCode.
  • OIC will popup dialog box and show all the lookups that are available to use, Pick your lookup.

  • Click Next 
  • System will prompt you to pick your lookup values as shown below

  • Next , system will prompt you to pick a Default value ( this is optional step)

  • lastly , system will show you configuration of your lookup and alert you to Map the source column for your lookup ( In your integration)

  • Your Lookup now ready to use in the Integration

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