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Apr 14, 2023

OIC Integration with REST and SOAP based system

 This blog post is a brief over view of how to handle the scenario where you need to Integrate different system with OIC. In my case we had 2 system , SYSTEM1 send the data over REST and other communicate with SOAP based interface.

Approach that we took in one of Project is 

TO Oracle SaaS

  1. Design REST based integration between SYSTEM1 and OIC
  2. Exposed Complete Integration in Step#1 as REST based Service and build REST integration between SYSTEM2 and this new REST Service , as shown below
  3. One of Rational for designing this kind of solution was, customer was planning to decommission the SYSTEM2 in next couple of years ,and in such scenario we just disable the integration between SYSTEM2 and REST Service nothing else

From Oracle SaaS

While developing Integration from SaaS to SYSTEM1 and SYSTEM2 , we have developed Integration , where once SaaS Trigger OIC , OIC check what is the destination system , if it is SYSTEM1 then Invoke call to SYSTEM1 over REST adapter , and if it is SYSTEM2 then invoke call 2 SYSTEM2 over SOAP adapter

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