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Apr 11, 2023

Duplicate OIC Subscription for OFS events

Many a time I have encountered a scenario where we can see duplicate processing of data , for example if we have scenario like 

  1. Once OIC created a Call/Task/Activity in OFS , send the Call status back to source system Or if Routing engine or Dispatch move the Call/Task/Activity in OFS from one Tech to another then  send the information back to source system or capture some information in ATP/ADW or any linked database.
If you have some thing similar happening in your system , and you have OIC flows has subscription for OFS events then I strongly recommend to validate if you have duplicate subscription in your system ( before you start you debugging).

You can validate duplicate subscriptions by executing below REST service call

https://<OFS hostname>/rest/ofscCore/v1//events/subscriptions?allSubscriptions=true

One of reason why we have duplicate subscription events in the systems is , While deactivating the subscription based OIC flow. system prompt  you with a popup message with a check box "Delete Event Subscription" , many a time leaving this check box UNCHECKED result in
  1. OIC keep the subscription active as well as 
  2. Create a new subscription when you activate your OIC flow again.

A good practice is check this box while you are deactivating your flow.

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